vlcsnap-2018-01-14-17h55m22s066🌸i watched all seasons, well that’s a lot of drama, but i guess they are on to something.

there are a lot of things that were inspiring to see, that main girl wasn’t a size 0, mental illness and different mental states, sort of realistic characters , that have weird sex, pee, have periods, weird decisions they make when drunk or emotional.
but then again.. i really value good, decent and loyal people and they weren’t that nice or loyal towards their friendships.

what i did love, was hannah style and body. it made me wish that i would be shorter, chubbier and had smaller boobs, i’m sorry, i’m struggling with my body image, right now im between “normal” and “chubby” size and don’t like to be nor there nor here.

ok, but was it just me, but i didn’t love the last episode, it felt not really anything. what did you think?💁🏼‍♀️

and jemima kirke. love.

via Entertain


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