right now i’m cutting some fabrics i had at home and making a lot of drawstring bags, for an awesome event that will happen next sunday. but i will write about that when it comes closer.

🎙i’m super worried because tomorrow i’m going on radio program “zaļā ceturdiena” to talk about straws, since the international strawfree day is coming up. but i’m not big on public speaking, although i’m really extrovert and talkative most times. but i get such stage fright and dry mouth. maybe anyone have tips to calm down? 🙈

anyway, i will get back to cutting  and watching cartoons, lets worry tomorrow. wish me luck!

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4 thoughts on “worried”

  1. The only tip for public speaking I can give you that you have to believe in your heart that nobody can speak and knows better about the subject matter than you do, it will infuse the sense of confidence in you which will take away the jitters.

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